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Prosjekt GeoShare

Forankring: EU - The European Union > Regional Policy > Interreg IIIB > IIIB North Sea Programme > GeoShare
Skildring Mål og resultat Plan og framdrift Ansvar og deltaking
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Ansvar og deltaking

Institusjonar og rollar:
Lead Partner

Sogn and Fjordane County Municipality
Project Manager:Jan Øhlckers
Sogn and Fjordane County Municipality
Fylkeshuset, N-6861 Leikanger, Norway

  • Centre for Computing Technologies (TZI), Germany
  • City of Edinburgh Council, Scottland, United Kingdom
  • Der Senator für Bau und Umwelt Freie Hansestadt Bremen (SBU), Germany
  • Provincie Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Western Norway Research I Institute (WNRI), Norway, Norge
More about the Partners:

Sogn og Fjordane County Municipality
The Sogn og Fjordane County Municipality is both a political and administrative body. Members of the county council are elected every four years, and they have the political responsibility for the County Municipality. The County Municipality Administration is responsible for the operations of four regional hospitals, dental offices, secondary schools, the regional culture and cultural heritage sector, the regional economic development staff and transport.

Western Norway Research Institute
Western Norway Research Institute (WNRI) is a regional research and development foundation especially adapted to serve the needs of regional public bodies and industry. The department of Applied Information Technology has since 1988 been working with ICT projects.

University of Bremen, Center for Computing Technologies (TZI)
The Center for Computing Technologies (TZI) is part of the University of Bremen. It is dedicated to application-oriented research and development in computer science.

Der Senator für Bau und Umwelt
The Senate for Building and Environment Bremen, division for environmental protection, is responsible for all fields of environmental protection.

Province of Groningen

The Administration of the province of Groningen promotes a positive image of Groningen. It wishes to strengthen the regional economy in the coming years by making a contribution to an efficient and effective labour market. In its labour market policy the province is active in all areas; demand, matching and supply, using a wide variety of roles and instruments. Examples of its activities are: training people who are already employed, creating employment for asylum seekers, improving opportunities for women, helping companies to fill in their vacancies etc. The business community is a major partner in these projects. Groningen is participating in a number of EU projects. In the field of economy and labor market Groningen is for example involved in 5 Equal projects.

City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh has 58 councillors who are elected every three years to represent the people of Edinburgh. They meet regularly to decide how the city?s public services will be provided. The City of Edinburgh Council is responsible for the following service areas: education, local and strategic planning, development control and urban development, roads and road safety, housing, social work, libraries, leisure and recreation, and environmental services.


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