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Prosjekt GeoShare

Forankring: EU - The European Union > Regional Policy > Interreg IIIB > IIIB North Sea Programme > GeoShare
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Plan og framdrift

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The GeoShare partnership has started working on six of its workpackages. They have jointly developed scenarios for how their web-based solutions for displaying spatial information can be applied and made use of in the partner regions. The technical development of these services has also been worked upon.

The project management is in place and the project management board has already had three meetings. Each month the whole partnership has audio conferences to coordinate project work. In addition have a practical handbook and a transnational methodology paper been developed to support the partners in implementing the project and a project website has been set up.

On the project website you can find examples of several of the services that the partnership is working on, for example an interactive atlas with information on cultural and natural heritage and a map of Bremen displaying information relevant to the Water Framework Directive, such as bathing water quality and physical objects that interfere with the course of the river.

The GeoShare partnership has now produced the final version of the report on Service Specifications, which has been adopted by the City of Edinburgh Council as a standard for everyone in the Council to follow when collecting user requirements.

Tools have been further improved and relationships with data providers have been formalised in order to secure quality of published data once a service reaches productions state. A great number of high-profile presentations have taken place, e.g. at the CeBIT 2004 in Hanover and the BT Syntegra’s Centre for Local Goverments, where Geoshare is presented as a best practice.

All partner services are now operational and available on the Internet. Work has concentrated on ensuring that GeoShare services are integrated in the partner organisation's Internet and GIS strategies in order to secure the running and maintenance of services beyond the project lifetime. By operation across organisational and technical boundaries, the new services have initiated a stronger co-operation between regional and national administration (vertical coordination) and across different administrations on regional level (cross-sectoral). GeoShare provides state-of-the art examples of public sector modernisation, partnership working and the ability to share information across organisational boundaries.


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