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Prosjekt GeoShare

Forankring: EU - The European Union > Regional Policy > Interreg IIIB > IIIB North Sea Programme > GeoShare
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Mål og resultat

The aim of GeoShare is to support, promote and enable a balanced improvement in the use of modern information and communication technologies across the North Sea Region.

GeoShare aims to build on and include key results from the INTERREG IIC project Datashare and the EU Framework programmes for research and development, carrying out further development of the exchange of methods and techniques for data analyses.
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Forventa effekt av resultata:
The main outcome of GeoShare will be the establishment of specifications for an IT framework, both hardware and software, and the tool sets for the management of services within the North Sea region. These tools will include on-line mapping, data storage and data analysis techniques for the management and sharing of geographical data. The aim is to mainstream open, standardised and interoperable GIS services into spatial planning and management activity and, through targeting them towards the end user (the general public) make them more transparent. GeoShare will thus help to provide citizens and local communities with better access to eGovernment services and equip public sector information providers with tools and data management resources necessary to carry out these functions. GeoShare will also contribute towards an international standardisation of activities in IT and spatial management, promoting harmonisation and will establish a plan for continuing the services and platforms created by the project and for demonstrating and disseminating the results to other Interreg IIIB North Sea region projects.


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