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Real-time Online Applications for Decision Support

Bakgrunn og utfordringar
A wide range of environmental related planning tasks would greatly benefit from the use of realtime monitoring data from sensors and sensor networks. However, today sensor technologies are mainly applied in non-systematic way and hence the output data are unavailable to the planning and servicing authorities and entrepreneurs who could have benefited from them.

In Western Norway a complex sensor network for the collection of climatic data related to mountain passes and strategic infrastructure elements exist for the purpose of monitoring driving conditions. These data would greatly benefit their end users by being integrated through geographical information systems and decision support systems. This would improve the quality of public services such as clearing the roads of snow or adding salt or sand tom compensate for icy surfaces. Carinthia could also benefit from the use of real time data from sensors for planning and servicing road networks. Actual digital maps combined with the environmental situation of certain regions can thus be used for planning and thus support the process in decision making.

In Thüringen the exchange of experience to improve sustainable regional planning and the quality supported by GIS is very important factor for the region. A lot of roads and tracks are already defined but they are not yet available in electronic form to be used in a decision environment. The project seeks to address the above problems in the interest of developing market potential for the participating SMEs and improving the knowledge and experience across the regions.
In order to secure proper information flow and quality, a project home page and a document archiving and versioning system will be established and used to store and manage all information and documents.

The project activities will at all times involve all regions with one partner having a specific responsibility for each sub task. In addition to the sub task managers, CTI as lead partner has a major role in supervising and coordinating the execution of all work packages and tasks.

Carinthia Tech Institute has experience with sensor networking in addition to expertise within the field of GI Science and Spatial Decision Support Systems and acts as lead partner for this project. CTI as lead partner will in addition to performing administrative management tasks also take on responsibility for thematic coordination of all ROADS.SDSS tasks and synchronizing and harmonizing regional and thematic requirements on behalf of all partners. This extra work load is
reflected in the project budget.

Starting with a kick-off video conference, partners will discuss objectives and planned activities throughout the project. A detailed plan for the execution of the project will be laid out to ensure full thematic and administrative coherence across the partnership. The kick-off meeting will also further define the planned outputs of the project. All regional partners are involved in the definition of work packages. All work packages will be discussed during this meeting. The work packages are defined as follows:

1. Environmental Monitoring

1.1 Sensor Network and Data Transfer
1.2 Spatial Temporal Data Storage
1.3 Workshop on Environmental Monitoring (CA)
1.4 Spatial Representation Techniques Documentation on Environmental Monitoring (Milestone)


2.1 Spatial Analysis Techniques for Road Planning
2.2 Workshop ROADS.SDSS (HO)
2.3 Framework for ROADS.SDSS
2.4 ROADS.Show Cases
2.5 Final Workshop (Th)
Documentation on ROADS.SDSS

Each of the described working packages will be documented according the corporate design of the project. Each working package will be well documented in respect to a possible application in the region.

Workshops are important to discuss the developed contents and to work out and find synergies in the individual regions. During workshops topics are presented to the partners and also to institutes and companies, which are interested in this topic.
ENABLE Steering Committee Ilmenau 2005.12.02
Tidfesting av statusendringar:
År forslag 2005
År godkjent: 2005
År oppstarta: 2006
År avslutta: 2006
Internasjonal status:
målgrupper, finansiering, aktivitetar, deltaking
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