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Technology Transfers Information Network

Bakgrunn og utfordringar

Partner involvement during the preparation phase

The project concept was developed through a seminar in Erfurt 02 – 03/12.04 involving representatives from the Hordaland County Council, representing the Norwegian regional network, representatives from THATI and TMZ Erfurt representing the Thüringen regional technology centres, representatives from the Industrial network in Osterøy, Hordaland Norway, representing the Norwegian SME intermediary networks, representatives from the city of Erfurt, representing the German SME intermediary networks. The application is developed by the lead partner, but has been subjected to numerous iterations, involving comments and revisions from the partners.

As project manager is chosen Lars Mjøs, manager of the public-private partnership Osterfjord Næringssamarbeid”, a cooperative local economic development association representing the 3 municipalities Modalen, Osterøy and Vaksdal. A particular aim of the project is to enhance the international competence at the local level. As a project of limited complexity and scope, this is a perfect project for a locally based body, skilled at running regional and national project, to manage project with an international partnership

For further elaboration on the selection criteria for the partnership, and a brief description on each partner, please see the included (not updated concerning reduced budget).


Key issues addressed

The thematic priorities of the ENABLE TECHTRA project are given in the programme manual, section 2.3:Develop new ICT-based instruments to create an information infrastructure, which will facilitate the exchange of information, also R&D-related, across the regions.

As stated in the Lisbon strategy, information and communication technologies can make a significant contribution towards improving local economic development.

The TECHTRA project will exchange “best practice” from the successful Norwegian “Nærinett”-project by creating a targeted, proactive and dynamic information system relating to SMEs

Targeted: The SMEs do not have a sufficient oversight to define their information needs –

Through the assistance of an experienced information officer an information profile will be created for each firm – which will detail their information needs

Proactive – “information push” – Information will be forwarded to each company at specified points in time related through their profile

Dynamic: The information profile will be updated as the firm develops and it needs changes

The approach of the project is to carry out a pilot project, to test the transferability of the Nærinett methodology and its practicability to –at first - a limited SME environment in Thueringia trough the partners, The Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Technologie- und Gründerzentren” in Thueringia, will be involved in the project as well in order to allow technology transfer also in this association with members all over Thueringia. Implementation of the methodology should possibly be introduced in Carinthia as well.

The second issue is to test the operability the “Nærinett” approach in a transnational, multilingual context (see also the appendix page 5)


The consortium is composed of 6 partners from Western Norway and Thuringia, two county councils, one municipality, one technology centre, one technology transfer and innovation agency and one industrial association. Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Technologie- und Gründerzentren” in Thueringen will be involved in the project in order to allow technology transfer also in this association .The intended closed cooperation between the partners will provide an effective exchange of experiences and will influence the quality of the project results and their implementation.

Lead Partner / Project Leader will be the Osterfjord Næringssamarbeid, mainly responsible for the coordination with the ENABLE steering committee. The overall project, however, will be managed through the Steering Committee, which will consist of one representative for each partner, the Team Leaders (see table below). The Steering Committee will be chaired by the Project Leader. Meetings will take place at least every six months on initiative of the chairmen of the TECHTRA SC or whenever called by one of the partners in case of an emergency situation.

The SC will be in charge of managing the project regarding administrative and financial matters and major decisions controlling the effective progress of work.

Management structure: (Picture not here)

Reporting, both internally and towards the ENABLE programme committee is foreseen in six-monthly intervals, that is two mid-term reports and the final report will be prepared.

Næringslivet, FoU
Tidfesting av statusendringar:
År forslag 2004
År godkjent: 2005
År oppstarta: 2005
År avslutta: 2007
Internasjonal status:
målgrupper, finansiering, aktivitetar, deltaking
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