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CO 2

Forankring: EU - The European Union > Regional Policy > Interreg IIIB > IIIB North Sea Programme > CO 2
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CO 2
The North Sea Cycle Route 2 - Cycling On

Bakgrunn og utfordringar
The aim of the project is to establish the North Sea Cycling Route (NSCR) as a permanent entity within a secure organisational structure, offering a high-quality cycling experience and an insight into the natural and cultural heritage of the North Sea Region. In order to achieve this aim, project activities target in part assessments of the economic impact of the route and its weaknesses and in addition raising awareness and disseminating information and knowledge. Simultaneously, the idea is to initiate pilot projects with some of the partners, which would lead to implementation of low cost physical improvements along the route and secure a high-quality product for the cycling tourist. Long-term partner motivation and commitment is important for the project.

The approach taken to CO2 is divided into two sections; Level 1- Core Topics and Level 2A-Low cost physical improvements and 2B- Product development for cycling tourists.

  • Level 1 (Core Topics) will undertake the following eight projects.
  1. Establishment of a permanent management structure that is self-financing and can survive changes in regional organisation in years to come.
  2. Extension of the Route to ensure that it meets end-user requirements.
  3. Development of website management and development with an Internet guide to provide practical information to end-users, feedback, links to other North Sea region projects and a historical and cultural guide.
  4. Monitor Users and their economic impact on the North Sea Cycle Route (NSCR).
  5. Evaluation of route weaknesses and development of a strategy for access that improves access and pinpoints possible low cost improvements.
  6. Raising awareness of the Route will encourage press coverage of the NSCR, develop press packs, and encourage suppliers to provide products for cyclists.
  7. Dissemination of Information and Knowledge and the Motivation of Partners, and will aim to exchange information between partners, develop a set of "best practice" examples, organise national and regional network meetings and seminars, newsletters, field trips, exchange visits, guided tours for executives, politicians and service providers and the creation of an annual European Bike Festival.
  8. This project will develop synergy with other Interreg IIIB and IIIC projects, addressing issues relevant to sustainable tourism development in the region.
  • Level 2A (Low cost physical improvements), will undertake low cost improvements in the infrastructure such as upgrading surfaces, traffic calming and safety measures along the route, as well as producing manuals, local maps and guides.
  • Level 2B (Product development for the Cycling Tourist) will develop accommodation availability along the NSCR, increase availability and improved public and private transport services for cyclists, develop a package of tours along the NCSR and improve the signing of the route.
Innbyggjarane, Kulturarven, Naturarven, Næringslivet, Turistane, Ungdom, Miljø
Tidfesting av statusendringar:
År forslag 2003
År godkjent: 2003
År oppstarta: 2003
År avslutta: 2006
Internasjonal status:
målgrupper, aktivitetar, finansiering, deltaking
Verkemiddel område:
Kode og nøkkelord:
Nordsjøprogrammet, North Sea Commission, IIIB, Measure: 3.2


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